About Us

What started as a favor to help a grieving widow liquidate her husband’s design studio inventory has ended up being a full time business.  As the inventory was being sold, opportunity after opportunity presented itself and we turned the favor into a growing business.  With our connections to the local real estate market, we found a niche that served everyone.

People that were moving always seemed to have good furniture and accessories that they didn’t want to take to their new home. Their options were to sell on Craig’s List and open their home to strangers or have a garage sale and receive pennies on the dollar.  We provide the third option, whereby consign their goods.  This provides immediate relief for those with a time limit on leaving their house and reassurance that they will receive a fair price for their articles.

On the selling side, folks needing to furnish their homes will find high quality, lightly used furniture at a fraction of the cost of new.  Because some of our customers found things they loved but weren’t in a position to buy immediately, we also provide a Lay-a-Way service for them.  We love how dynamic the business has become. We love serving our customers and accepting the challenges that face us.

If you would like to know more about our services or inventory, please call us at 321.634.4981 or drop us a note at our Contact Us page.  Thanks for visiting!

       – Susan and Fred